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Are you ready to take charge of your financial future? Cleveland Saves is here to help. Enrolled savers receive the American Saver newsletter which offers information on a wide variety of savings topics and it will introduce you to other Savers who are achieving their financial goals. We'll also provide email access to free financial planning advice and, best of all, Cleveland Saves will motivate you to discover for yourself the peace of mind that accompanies having money in the bank. Let us help you build wealth, not debt.

We are excited to offer a free text message service to help keep you motivated to save. Signing up for texts is quick and easy. Just simply click the box to receive text messages and enter your phone number.

We will use the goal you choose below to send you goal-specific text messages. Text messages will come in the form of tips to help you find money to save, as well as advice and reminders to help you save for your specific goal.

Standard text messaging rates apply and texts will start about within 2 weeks. You will receive approximately 3 texts a month.

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"We deduct $10 a month from our checking account each month into a savings account for each child. The automatic deposit makes it so easy."

-Laura, Cleveland Heights

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Did you know that Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland prepares taxes for free? Call us at 216.458.4663.

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America Saves is a campaign coordinated by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America (CFA)
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Cleveland Saves is the first of more than 150 America Saves campaigns and is a project of Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland.